Setsuko Maho is a Japanese artist and printmaker based in Rotterdam. Developing her practice in the UK, Japan and the Netherlands, ideas are centrals to her art, often expressed in bold, playful and humorous. She works with collages and hand-drawn brush to abstract forms on paper, wood and textile in combination with her own developed screen printing technique. This gives each piece having its own unique expression. Her works evoke a sense of embarking on an adventure.

Sudden intuition and fleeting emotions from everyday life inspires her work; these artworks are a `diary of memories`. Expressing the three-dimensional world by layering blurred memories and scenes that gradually creates a shape, and this process is her creative spark. Importantly, the screen is her communication tool between her artwork and inspirations, with the secret conversation through the screen leads to an epiphany of new techniques with choice of colours.



Print Club London

Artist In Residence

2018  World of Co, Bulgaria


‘Green’ Group Exhibition at Kunstgarage Franx (Zoetermeer, The Netherlands)
‘What is a home?’ Group Exhibition at The Social Hub (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

‘CHOOSE LOVE x PRINT CLUB LONDON’ Exhibition at Royal Albert Hall (London, UK)
‘Salon de l’art Japonais 2022’ at Linda Farrell Gallery (Paris, France)

‘Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2021’ at Woolwich Works (London, UK)
‘CHOOSE LOVE 2021 Exhibition at Soho Revue Gallery (London, UK)

‘Cinema paper & chronicle’ chapter Ⅲ at Rock Star Hotel (Osaka, Japan)

‘Cinema paper & chronicle’ chapter Ⅱ at somewhere (Tokyo, Japan)
‘Cinema paper & chronicle’ chapter Ⅰ at yack yack books (Tokyo, Japan)

‘ART SHOWS’ Group Exhibition at SODA (Sofia, Bulgaria)

‘What Is A Print?’ Solo Exhibition at EDIT.TOKYO (London, UK)
‘Art Hub Print Open’ at Art Hub Gallery (London, UK)
‘Central St Giles Exhibition’ at Central St Giles Covent Garden (London, UK)

Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2021 / Selected
6th NBC International Biennale Silk Screen / Prize

Art Hub Print Open / Selected